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About Façade

Façade is nothing more than a front-end for Tumblr, Blogger or Ghost. It's ideal for situations where you need a simple website fast, but don't want the hassle of installing, updating and backing-up a CMS system.

There are many great blogging systems on the web, and Façade leverages their power, while giving you the freedom to fully customize the appearance of your site. Façade is by no means a full-blown CMS replacement, but it might just prove to be a great choice in many situations.


FTP-access to a webserver running php. If you're unsure, ask your webhost.


  1. Upload the folder "facade" to your webserver
  2. Depending on your environment, change the permissions of the "cache" directory to "777".  How do I do this?
  3. Open the file config.php and fill in the usernames of the service(s) you want to use.
  4. You're done!

Once you post something using one of the service(s) you've activated in the config file, it will automatically appear on your site!



You can easily create a menu with multiple pages. Just edit $cfg['pages'] in config.php. For example:

$cfg['pages'] = array("Home", "About", Contact");

would create a menu with three pages: Home, About and Contact.

To place a post on a particular page, let's say "About", all you need to do is tag your post with "About".


If you have lots of posts on a single page, you might want to activate page-numbering. This will create previous/next links at the bottom of each page. To activate page-numbering, change

$cfg['page_numbers'] = 0;


$cfg['page_numbers'] = 1;


Façade was created by Gerben Schmidt of